Polyester Embroidery Thread

Polyester Embroidery Thread is used for doing embroidery in clothes to fulfill the demands for cheap embroidery work as polyester embroidery thread is priced much lower than viscose embroidery thread which is mainly used in Embroidery works.

Shanti Rayons has been exporting world class quality polyester embroidery threads to various Asian, European, African & American countries. Polyester threads are high performance fibres that have found uses in a vast array of applications. Though they are comparatively less lustrous than silk and rayon threads, their applications are extremely varied. This is precisely because of the properties that they employ such as highly durable, high resistance to chlorine and bleach, resistant to shrinkage and fading, wrinkle free, highly absorbent, dyes easily.

Polyester Embroidery Thread is made from Polyester FDY available in various colors and twists like 120/2, 150/2 and so on. Since these are strong fibres, they are resistant to any kind fraying or breaking. They have founded uses for applications like children wear, linens used for commercial purposes in hotels & restaurants, for manufacturing carry bags, kitchen linens, throw rugs & Blankets. Embroidery thread is commonly available in two ply. Polyester embroidery thread is available in various colors and manufactured as per buyers orders. We can supply best quality Polyester Embroidery Threads, Sewing threads or any dyed Polyester yarn on order basis.

We offer you Polyester Thread on paper bobbins as well as plastic cones. It is mainly available in bulk packing of around 1 kg /cone. We also do Job Work for dyeing in Polyester yarn.